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Contributing to society with our commitment to color Toakasei Co., Ltd. (Toa Kako Co., Ltd., at that time) was established in December 1971 as an independent business started from the dye chemical processing department of OG Corporation (then Osaka Godo Co., Ltd.).
Our corporate philosophy is: "We are committed to creating great colors without compromise, to contributing to our customers' business, and to realizing the abundance of life that color can provide."
To be able to provide dyes that everyone can use with confidence, we have created a corporate slogan, "High quality products at reasonable prices," and together with the combined strengths of the OG Group of companies, we aim to be a manufacturer that supports the business development of our customers.

Kunio Shirai
President and representative director
Toakasei Co., Ltd.

Kunio Shirai

Chart of Toakasei's business structure

business structure

Corporate history

December 1971 The dye chemical processing department of Osaka Godo Co., Ltd. (currently OG Corporation) becomes independent and is established as a separate company, Toa Kako Co., Ltd. (Capital: 1 million yen).
May 1982 Corporate name is changed to Toakasei Co., Ltd.
October 1982 Merged with Godo Oil Co., Ltd., Dowa Kasei Co., Ltd., and Toa Giken Co., Ltd. (Capital: 15 million yen).
December 1983 Merged with Sogo Oil Co., Ltd. (Capital: 17.5 million yen).
April 1985 Received a capital increase of 12.5 million yen from Osaka Godo Co., Ltd. (currently OG Corporation). (Capital: 30 million yen).
August 1986 Ryuyo Factory and Ryuyo Logistics Center are established.
February 1992 Headquarters moved to new head office building constructed on the Ryuyo Factory campus.
February 2010 All shares of Toakasei are acquired by OG Corporation. Toakasei becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of OG Corporation.
April 2012 Chemical Product Division is consolidated into OG Corporation and restarted as a dye manufacturing subsidiary in the OG group.
August 2013 Acquired ISO9001:2008 certification.

Corporate profile

Company name Toakasei Co., Ltd.
Location 401-1, Higashi Hiramatsu, Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Telephone number +81-538-66-6325
Fax number +81-538-66-5306
Capital 30 million yen (as of October 2013)
Business description Manufacturing, processing and sales of powder dyes (direct dyes), liquid dyes (direct dyes and basic dyes); and pigments for textiles, paper and pulp
Manufacturing, processing and sales of industrial chemicals
Blending and sales of organic solvents
Representative President and representative director Kunio Shirai
Banks Shizuoka Bank, Ryuyo Branch/ Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Hamamatsu Branch/ Hamamatsu Shinkin Bank, Ryuyo Branch
Other ISO9001:2008 certification (Certified in August 2013.)

Business overview

Paper and pulp division

Our aim is to provide our customers with a stable supply of higher quality dyes at less expensive prices. Using an extensive network of raw material sources both in Japan and abroad, we provide a wide variety of dyes all managed under our stringent quality controls. We can respond quickly to customer requirements for small-lot production and packaging that is difficult for large-scale manufacturers to undertake. With our no-compromises commitment to great color, we believe that we can provide products that our customers can use with confidence.

Textile division

We mainly provide OEM manufacturing services for products of customer brands, but we can also provide exclusive agent sales arrangements for products that are tailored to the special needs of individual customers. Our belief is that our just-in-time production system, possible because products are made in Japan, enables us to anticipate and respond quickly to a wide variety of customer needs.

Dye products

Chemical product division

According to the customer's requirements, we can provide blending, mixing, dissolving, packaging, and small-portioning services. We can quickly deliver ready-to-use products such as by making changes in packaging formats for existing small-lot products or by using packaging that is better suited for efficient manufacturing. We can offer multiple types of packaging options including 1 ton containers, 200 liter drums, 18 liter cans, liquid container-in-box-type containers (Toughtainer), and pails.

Product laboratory

To be true to our motto of having a no-compromises commitment to providing great color, while achieving high quality, low cost, and lessening our impact on the environment every single day, we must continue our studies in research and development as well as quality control. We will respond with good faith so that our customers will be able to use our products with confidence and trust.

Equipment list

  • Circular wire mesh paper machine
  • Rotary textile dyeing machine (Mini-colour)
  • Dyeing machine (Colour Pet 12, Laboratory Machines)
  • Roller drum dryer
  • Press
  • Hot-air dryer
  • Humidity controlled cabinet (DRY-CABI)
  • Fume hood
  • Water bath

Analysis instruments

  • Spectrophotometers (Konica Minolta CM-3600d, CM-3700d)
  • Standard light source (CIE D65)
  • Salt content analyzer
  • UV long-life fade meter
  • Glass electrode type hydrogen ion concentration indicator (pH meter)
  • Ammonium ion meter
  • B-type viscometer

Product information

Product information

TOA Yellow GH

C.I.Direct Yellow 11

TOA Yellow S

C.I.Direct Yellow 12

TOA Yellow 88R

C.I.Direct Yellow 50

TOA Yellow A

C.I.Direct Yellow 86

TOA Yellow PG

C.I.Direct Yellow 142

TOA Orange S

C.I.Direct Orange 26

TOA Orange G

C.I.Direct Orange 39

TOA Orange W

C.I.Direct Orange 102

TOA Scarlet 4BS

C.I.Direct Red 23

TOA Rhoduline Red B

C.I.Direct Red 31


C.I.Direct Red 81

TOA Violet BB

C.I.Direct Violet 51

TOA Blue T

C.I.Direct Blue 86


C.I.Direct Blue 203


C.I.Direct Blue 237


C.I.Direct Blue 273

TOA Brown AK2

C.I.Direct Brown -

TOA Brown 3GA

C.I.Direct Brown -


C.I.Direct Brown -

TOA Black TX

C.I.Direct Black -

TOA Yellow KGR Liquid

C.I.Direct Yellow 11

TOA Yellow GN Liquid

C.I.Direct Yellow 86

TOA Yellow PG Liquid

C.I.Direct Yellow 142

TOA Red 2B Liquid

C.I.Direct Red 81

TOA Red 2G Liquid

C.I.Direct Red 239

TOA Orange L Liquid

C.I.Direct Orange 39

TOA Orange RG Liquid

C.I.Direct Orange 118

TOA Violet MBC Liquid

C.I.Direct Violet 35

TOA Violet MRC Lquid

C.I.Direct Violet 51

TOA Turquoise Blue GL Liquid

C.I.Direct Blue 86

TOA Turquoise R Liquid

C.I.Direct Blue 199

TOA Blue CR Liquid

C.I.Direct Blue 203

TOA Blue BFL Liquid

C.I.Direct Blue 273

TOA Brown 3GP Liquid

C.I.Direct Brown -

TOA Brown KK Liquid

C.I.Direct Brown -

TOA Black BGL Liquid

C.I.Direct Black -

TOA Basic Yellow GK Liquid

C.I.Basic Yellow 96

TOA Basic Red PJ Liquid

C.I.Basic Red 12

TOA Basic Violet R Liqid

C.I.Basic Violet 1

TOA Basic Blue R Liquid

C.I.Basic Blue 7

TOA Basic Blue DH Liquid

C.I.Basic Blue 26

TOA Turquoise MP Liquid

C.I.Basic Blue 33:1

TOA Basic Green Y LIquid

C.I.Basic Green 1

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